The Psychometric Properties Of Connor Davidson Resilience Scale

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Resilience is of great importance for individuals working in complex and instable environments. Individual Resilience is the ability of the individuals to bounce back and sustain in the facade of adverse conditions. Research revealed that resilient employees are more likely to be productive, agile and innovative during the turbulent times, thereby making it essential to have an individual centric measure of resilience. Many such instruments are available in the literature but there is no resilience scale widely accepted by researchers and most importantly none of the instrument has been used to measure the resilience capacity of IT employees. The current study examined the psychometric properties of Connor-Davidson Resilience scale in the sample of Indian IT Executives. Data was collected using 25- Item CD-RISC scale from 160 employees of 12 IT firms located in Chandigarh tricity region. The result of exploratory principal component factor analysis with varimax rotation and Confirmatory Factor Analysis verified the original five factor structure as given by Connor and Davidson (2003). In this study 74% of variance was jointly explained by the five factors. The result supported the dimensionality, reliability (α = 0.85) and validity of the CD-RISC scale for measuring the IT Executives resilience. The results of the study helps in representing individual resilience as first order construct made up of 5 dimensions: Personal competence, High standards and Tenacity, Trust in
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