The Public Education Campaign Plan Essay

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Due to limited finances, many of Washington D.C.’s minority students do not have equal opportunities in education. The public education campaign plans to promote minority education and engage the entire Washington D.C. community in the education process to present a comprehensive, engaging, affordable program and create far-reaching opportunities for minority students. To keep track of the goals and objectives, the campaign will use different methods to evaluate the success and/or failure of the campaign. METRICS AND EVALUATION Tom Watson and Paul Nobel (2007) believe, A PR campaign can be evaluated “mainly through media monitoring and level of interest and focus on the client company.” (p.10). We will evaluate the effectiveness of these goals and objectives in a timely fashion, by measuring and evaluating results. We will keep track of all the materials used and the number distributed to reach the target publics. Overall, these tactics aim to target specific publics, such as students, parents, schools officials, DCPS policymakers, educators, and non-minorities students and parents. Even though students will primarily be targeted via the social media campaign, all publics have the potential to be reached by means of Twitter and Facebook. Social media is a great tactic because it will allow us to reach a wider audience and have this topic ‘trending’ from the campaign’s initiation to its end. Many free internet sites can provide tools to evaluate the results of a goal or

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