The Purpose Of Fume Purification System Essay

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2.2.3 Fume purification system 10720BFor the purpose of fume purification system, two Singaporean SKG-KFC treatment lines are employed, with a fume treatment capacity of 100,000 Nm3/h. The purification process includes semidry-SNCR, spray reactor, activated carbon lime injection, and bag-type dust remover. Activated lime mortar will be sprayed in the spray reaction tower for deacidification; urea solution will be sprayed in the incinerator for denitration; activated carbon sprayed in the flue for detoxification, and the dedusting will be carried out by bag type dust remover. The flying ash and resulting product of reaction will be subjected to solidification process. See Table 12-6 for the amount of pollution in the exhaust after purification as per design. 1350BTable 12-6 Amount of Pollution Exhaust after Purification 6985BEmission 6986BUnit 6987BNumerical value 6988BRemarks 1.1 6989BDust 6990Bmg/Nm3 6991B10 6992BMeasured average value 6993BHCl 6994Bmg/Nm3 6995B50 6996BHourly average value 6997BHF 6998Bmg/Nm3 6999B2 7000BHourly average value 7001BSOX 7002Bmg/Nm3 7003B100 7004BIn SO2 7005BNOX 7006Bmg/Nm3 7007B200 7008BIn NO2 7009BCO 7010Bmg/Nm3 7011B100 7012BHourly average value 7013BNH3 7014Bmg/Nm3 7015B10 7016BHourly average value 7017BHg 7018Bmg/Nm3 7019B0.1 7020BMeasured average value 7021BCd 7022Bmg/Nm3 7023B0.1 7024BMeasured average value 7025BPb 7026Bmg/Nm3 7027B0.2 7028BMeasured average value 7029BDioxin 7030Bng-TEQ/ Nm3 7031B0.1 10721B(Data source:

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