The Purpose Of This Paper Is To Compare And Contrast Two

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The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast two famous educators using APA Style. This paper will talk about theories of Piaget and Vygotsky in which similarities and differences in their theories will be discussed. At the end of this paper, you will be able to understand the differences between both famous educators.

1. If we take a brief look and compare Piaget 's Theory with Vygotsky Theory we will see that Piaget Theory was a Constructivist Theory, while Vygotsky Theory was a Sociocultural Theory/Social Development Theory. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2. Piaget 's Theory references children 's learning and that they are constructive in their learnings and didn’t really need the interaction with others in order to learn.
Piaget had
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In Concrete Operations, that is children ages 7 to 11 children are now able to form a concept or idea to develop a structure of logicalness, and then there are Formal Operations, this stage started at 11 to 15. At this stage, the child is able to use concepts and reasoning. Their cognitive structures at this point are about the same as an adult.

3. Vygotsky’s main Theory is the Social Development Theory. He was known for his Sociocultural Theory.
With this theory, he talks about how children’s behaviors, as well as their thoughts, can differ because of cultures and how they are raised. The children’s interactions change according to their cultures and teachings.
His theory suggests that the children’s development is according to their cultures and how they are raised, the children have their own view of their world depending on their way they are taught and the tools that they are given as they grow up. Vygotsky talks about imitative learning, instructed learning, and collaborative learning. Imitative learning is where the child learns from watching and imitating a person. Instructed learning where the student learns to remember the teacher 's instructions then they are to do the work, and then there is Collaborative, this involves students that work together and try to understand one another and work together
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