The Purpose Of This Paper Seeks To Analyze The Effects

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The purpose of this paper seeks to analyze the effects of prescription drug abuse. In the first article identified the author seeks to identify the differences between peer and parent influence on the misuse of prescription drug as it relates to ethnicity. The second article to be investigation into prescription drug use misuse and drug problems as it pertains to motivational context. The third and final article seeks to education young adults on medical prescription drug use. A parent’s attitudes regarding substance use may help to clarify practical racial/ethnic deviations in prescription drug misuse among teens. The findings add provision to the growing evidence that parents continue to endure a critical part of adolescents ' …show more content…

Strong parental disapproval of alcohol use was linked to lower rates of prescription drug misuse in African American teens, while parental disapproval of marijuana use was a stronger factor for Hispanic teens. Regardless, of the ethnic/racial background both parents and family members are against misusing substances in general and play a strong role in protecting their adolescents from misusing prescription medicine, whether it be alcohol, marijuana, or tobacco. This illustrates a positive step in moving forward to understanding specific culture factors of substance abuse. Some Caucasian teens having close friends that reject substance use have a lesser rates of prescription drug misuse, though their peer opinions had little influence for African American or Hispanic teens. Parents can help their adolescents navigate towards friends with shared substance use disapproval attitudes .The article confirms racial/ethnic disparities in substance use by adolescents, provides preliminary evidence that disapproval by important socialization factors especially parents has a substantial effect on prescription drug misuse. Those results offer indications how the racial/ethnic deviations are arrived. Some past research of substance use in teens have mainly used race as a rational for observed modifications.
It is expressed that some researchers are more focusing on

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