The Purpose Of This Work Is To Explore Machiavelli’S Political

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The purpose of this work is to explore Machiavelli’s political philosophy through the lens of discord. In terms of discord, Machiavelli presents the two main rivals, who are the nobles and the people. He sees the two different humors of the nobles and the people as the cause of discord. He observes that conflicts caused by the two diverse humors create salutary effects. His praise of tumults has inspired scholars not only to relate the notion of humors to the discussion of political freedom, but also to find the origin of the Modern Republicanism in his political philosophy. Focusing on the irrational cause of humors, however, existing studies have slightly overlooked rational causes such as idea or reason or knowledge of political …show more content…

He also plays an important role in transforming detrimental results of discord to its salutary results. In this dissertation, I will categorize the one man’s characteristics into three features: tyrannical, prudent, and deceitful. I will also illustrate how the one man manages discord, and even controls it having with his three characteristics. The last question is associated with the relationship between discord and regime. Conflicts take an important role in the creation of regime, its decline, and its extinction. Presenting the connection between discord and regime, this work also explores the regime types for which Machiavelli designs. In his preference of the republican regime, I will present the distinctive features of Machiavelli’s regime, which are tumultuous, rejuvenated, the presence of the one man. Based on that, I will conclude that the presence of the one man is crucial in terms of Machiavelli’s regime. In the discussion of discord, there are two main contenders of the nobles and the people defined. The one man is invisible in conflicts. However, his role is critical in conflicts between them. Like an invisible hand, he involves in competitive relationship between them by affecting the outbreak of tumults, its intensity, and its settlement. He also plays an invisible, but important role in making Machiavelli’s

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