The Pursuit Of A College Degree

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The pursuit of a college degree is, in fact, a significant element that can improve one’s life, which will relieve the government and improve the economy. The more people do not rely on government aid, the higher the chance the economy can get out of debt. A good majority of jobs in the job market require its employees to have some sort of college education: Associates Degree, Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, or a Doctoral Degree. Today, a Bachelor’s degree is not efficient enough to get or keep a job due to high amount of competition. Being that college is so expensive, people do not see the advantage of getting a higher education. Setting aside four or five years to only be unemployed or being paid a low salary is simply not worth it to some people. In order for institutions to function, colleges and universities need to consider the objection that many people face when making the decision to attend college.

Throughout my adolescents, my mother always exposed me to the positive side of going to college: better job opportunities, lasting friendships, sorority life. I was fortunate enough to go to a well-accredit university on a scholarship. It only covered 5% of my college tuition, which was not much but it definitely allowed me to have extra money to purchase my textbooks. Another why people choose to attend college is to receive a refund check, which can be used to buy anything such as shoes, clothes, and televisions. Although it may seem as though one is getting a

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