Essay about The Qualities of Odysseus in Homer's The Odyssey

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Being separated from someone for long periods of time is quite depressing, but imagine being away from your special someone for 20 years. The 10 years it took to fight the Trojan War were anything but easy for Odysseus, the hero of The Odyssey written by the poet Homer. The venture home was much worse due to encounters with monsters such as the Cyclops Polyphemus, raging storms, challenges from forceful gods and goddesses, and setbacks due to foolishness and pride. Odysseus displays many qualities through-out his journey home, some negative and others positive. In “The Homecoming,” Odysseus reveals his great courage, intelligence, and strength.
Odysseus displays courage in many events throughout “The Homecoming”. He shows courage when he …show more content…

Odysseus displays strength throughout his whole journey. Odysseus displays strength as he strings the bow: “But the man skilled in all way of contending, satisfied by the great bow’s look an heft, like a musician, like a harper, when with quiet hand upon his instrument he draws between his thumb and forefinger a sweet new string upon a peg: so effortlessly Odysseus in one motion strung the bow.” (Page 429, lines 196-202.) He shows strength when he wouldn’t allow any suitors to escape and when telling his son to grab armor and supplies while he fights the suitors with Athena’s help: “Run then, while I hold them off with arrows as long as the arrows last. When all are gone if I’m alone they can dislodge me.” (Death in the Great Hall, Page 433, Lines 337-340)
Upon returning to Ithaca, Odysseus displays his qualities during the test of the bow. He show his great courage and strength as he kills every suitor. A calmer side of Odysseus was revealed when he intelligently tells Penelope the story of how he made the bed and how it cannot be moved by anyone: “An old trunk of olive grew like a pillar on the building plot, and I laid up our bedroom around that tree, lined up the stone walls, built the walls and roof, gave it a doorway and

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