The Quality Of Eyewitness Memory

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Even in the absence of misinformation, the quality of eyewitness memory has been found to be time critical (Ebbinghaus, 1913; Wickelgren, 1974; Wixted & Carpenter, 2007). Memory has been show to decay significantly over time and that increasing the delay between encoding and retrieval increases the likelihood of details becoming irretrievably lost (Schacter, Norman, & Koustaal, 1998) and decreases the accuracy of information that is available (Ebbeson & Rienick, 1998; Odinot & Wolters, 2006; Wixted Ebbeson, 1991). This increase in time has also been found to increase the likelihood of encountering misinformation (Odinot & Wolters, 2006), but also of falsely integrating this misinformation into natural memory (Loftus, Miller, & Burns, 1978;

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