The Quality Of The American Government

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Bailey Kelso
Professor Garvin
POLS 101
9 August 2015
The Quality of the American Government

Ever since the government was put in place in America, two fundamental questions have emerged distinctly: how should the government rule its followers? Moreover, what should the government do? America gained independence in 1776 after Richard Henry Lee moved a motion in the Continental Congress requiring Britain to grant the country its independence. The motion was approved on July, 2nd the same year. Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence, which justified a revolution. Today, historians study and interpret the declaration as a philosophy (Matzke, 14).
Framers of the American Constitution wrote conflict into the constitution …show more content…

On the other hand, when John Kerry claims that tax cuts are only meant to benefit the rich, “objective onlookers” such as Lakoff, it states that he is positioning himself as an opportunistic liberal, fishing for votes (Iyengar, 2005).
The following discussion reveals how framers of the 1787 American Constitution intentionally wrote conflict into the constitution, and how it has affected the performance of public office holders in America today. Focus will be placed on the factors that necessitated the development of the current being of the constitution, and why conflict defines the actions of leaders today.
Over the years, political scientists have expressed their disapproval of American elections. They have openly stated that presidential elections do not matter. The reason being, is that they believe the outcome of elections is a result of forces outside of the campaigner’s influence. For example, the state of the economy, partisan loyalties, and normative, communicative, and symbolic roles are all disconnected from the influence of the campaigner. The latter mentioned aspects (anthropological), according to political scientists, receive little attention from scholars, but their impacts are very substantial. They restore confidence in governing institutions, result in an upsurge in mutual feelings, and give the citizenry hope of a better governing body after elections

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