The Quarrel of Agamemnon and Achilles

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Troy Answer 1 The art, myths and history of the Trojan War all present answers to many of the important questions in life. A major theme presented in this war is that the leaders and those who are in power should place the good of the society and the community before their own. This war was fought on selfish terms and because those in power did not think before they acted. Helen of Sparta, being a beautiful and brave woman could have talked this matter out. She could have thought once more before fleeing with Paris to Tory. Thus a major life lesson for an individual especially those who are powerful should think before they act. Thinking of the consequences of their action and how they would go on to affect other people. Answer 2 The Quarrel of Agamemnon and Achilles Achilles and Agamemnon have their quarrel about the Trojan War and how Achilles participation in the battle will lead their side to victory. Achilles however hopes that talking to Agamemnon and insulting him would somehow prevent his participation in the war. The quarrel is crucial because it shows that values and personal honor hold great importance for both men. Both the men look at their own relevance and good name as opposed to the well being of Achaean forces. Odysseus interview with Penelope the day before he kills the suitors The interview that Penelope has with Odysseus is relevant because it gives hint to Penelope that the beggar might be Odysseus himself. The conversation that the two

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