The Quaternary Period and Other Periods

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• This period started 540 million years ago and ended 500 million years ago.
• There was a very mild climate. The supercontinent Rodinia began to break into smaller parts, or continents. Lots of glaciation occurred so many animal families went extinct.
• All phyla develop during this time period. Many marine animals, shell-fish, echinoderms, and some of the earliest fish appear.
• Lots of glaciation occurred wiping out many animal families marking the end of the Cambrian period.

• This period started 505 million years ago and ended 438 million years ago.
• Many primitive plants appeared on land and some of the first corals. Primitive fish and fungi also make an appearance. High sea levels occur at fist but lower as global cooling, glaciation and volcanism increase.
• Plants, fungi and primitive fish are on land during this time period.
• Glaciation marked the end of the Ordovician period.

• This period started 438 million years ago and ended 408 million years ago.
• The first vascular plants appear on land (plants with water-conducting tissue). High seas spread worldwide, brachiopods, crinoids and corals also make an appearance.
• The first fish with jaws appeared during this time period along with insects, centipedes and millipedes.
• Glaciation marked the end of the Silurian period.

• This period started 410 million years ago and ended 360 million years ago.
• Swampy forests on land and fish and land

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