The Question Of Quality Of Adjunct Professors

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The Question of Quality in Adjunct Professors
Imagine yourself attending your English class but find that your instructor is improperly prepared because they were hired only days before school began. Or sending an email message to your chemistry professor asking to meet during their office hours but have to meet at a local coffee shop because they aren’t provided with an office space. Or attending a biology review session in which your teacher is slightly distracted because they are unable to pay their medical expenses. This is becoming the widespread reality of higher education today. Colleges and universities are continually increasing part-time, adjunct professors to their faculty as a cost-saving measure to decrease their expenses. What most people don’t know is that students being more exposed to adjunct instructors can affect the quality of education they receive because professors lack the resources needed to provide a university quality education. Returning to largely tenured faculty is no longer a solution due to economic issues and pressures. However, if institutions were to provide the part-time professors resources that are similar to those of tenured staff then, and only then will students be able to properly learn and interact with their professors most effectively.

American higher education is rapidly changing as more and more students are choosing to continue on to college. The American Association of Community Colleges states that, “today, community

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