The Racial Tension in the NFL

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Author Peter S. Morris once said, “If baseball is America’s favorite pastime, then football must be its passion” (Morris, 2004). Throughout the years, the sport of football has risen through the ranks to become the spectator sport in North America. Football has been interwoven into the “American psyche” and culture. Millions of dedicated and loyal fans keenly await the chance to pack out stadiums at the beginning of each National Football League (NFL) season. They stare into the dazzling field lights, clothe themselves in paraphernalia, and wildly cheer on the players of their chosen team. Football has become a part of the American life. The NFL embodies the “fun” in American society. It is seventeen weeks filled with excitement, high spirits, and a competitive atmosphere. A piece of American society that isn’t so jubilant has been making serious headlines as of lately. These series of incidents have been a Public Relations nightmare for the beloved league. The use of racial slurs both on the field and off the field by NFL players is an issue that, until recently, was not openly discussed in the sport. The number of "incidents" has gradually increased throughout the years. As a solution to this growing problem, NFL committees have recently decided to impose a 15 yard penalty on any and all players that use the racial slur “Nigga(er)” while playing the game. The racial tension in the NFL, the pros of the new penalty, and the cons of the new penalty are certainly worth

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