The Ratification Of The U.S. Constitution. . . Richard

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The Ratification of the U.S. Constitution

Richard Fernandez

HIST 107
J. DeMarco
February 28, 2017

(Insert a Page Break here to maintain a separation between your title page and page one) What we 're going to focus on was The Articles of Confederation that are in place in the government during the Post American Revolution into the ratification of United States Constitution. A republic was essentially a government in which citizens roll thru elected representative. The people we vote for are a people. We vote for senators. We vote for our representatives in the area and they move into the government. It 's all behind the idea that government should be based on the consent of the governmental rights and the consent of the …show more content…

The articles have several problems. There was no executive branch, judicial branch, President, and Supreme Court. They could not regulate any commerce or trade. They ran into problems when they couldn’t tax. America was left with debt after the war. Additionally, states had more power. If a state disagreed with something they could block it out. They also land issues. We see expansion after the war but in their own self-interest certain states wanted more land and power. Other states were trying to hinder that so before the articles were going to be ratified there 's going to be certain rules. The first being the land ordinance. Congress essentially split off lots of land, newly acquired land and sold it. This was a great way to settle the land. They won the war and to pay off a debt, acres were given to the family in the town of which costs about a dollar an acre. A security on the land or a very simple serving of land that allows new lands acquired to be settled. The Northwest Ordinance of was a little bit more complicated. It’s set up essentially how to govern the new Northwest Territory between the Ohio and Mississippi and the Great Lakes. Rules were set on how to become a state so each territory had to acquire people. They could set up a temporary Constitution but they weren 't being done. Once they got people in the state they could create a

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