Revolutionary War Pride

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A Nation of Pride Life in America after the Revolutionary war went through major transformations. The first seeds to a feeling of nationalism were planted at the end of the French-Indian war, however, the growing sense of pride and unity fluctuated at the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War. Chiefly, the Americans felt presumptuous in their ability to lead an individual nation, and they still harbored harsh feelings against the British due to their cruelty ensuing the French-Indian War. The Americans took drastic steps to ensure their independence. Namely, the first steps in visualizing the American freedom was the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July four, 1776, which was greatly inspired by Thomas Paine 's …show more content…

At first the Articles had to deal with three unrelated issues. First, they had to assume responsibility of covering the war debts. Next, the Articles had to see to making peace with the Indians. Finally, they had to guide the citizens in dealing with the western settlement. The Articles seemed to be a fair form of government with equal rights and powers and no executive legislature, however, it was very weak causing a modest form of upper power to slowly be invented. To help with the war debts the confederations turned to the states to assist in funding the war debts. However, the states having their own personal debts, while establishing ,were reluctant to tax their people, feeling it would inhibit growth and sales of properties. The state of Massachusetts, however, instated a huge tax on their occupants and took great measures to enforce them. Provided that, the Massachusetts residence were infuriated and sought revenge. Massachusetts citizens decided to take actions, after a series of civil conventions to settle the tax issue ended in futility. At first, they targeted the courthouses forcing them to shut down. The military refused to get involved due to pity for the citizens. The rebels were not poor people they just wanted justice. One of those farmers and former army captain was Danial Shay. Daniel Shay was disparaged by the Massachusetts governor, James Bowdoin. Bowdoin was formerly a strong advocate against

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