The Real Estate Investment Trust

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This is different from the term land used in economic term, which refers to pieces of land, livestock, minerals, oil, gases, crops or anything that comes from land source. On the other hand, term personal property can include land, as well as anything that is subject to ownership of tangible assets such as stocks, bonds, cash, notes or intangible assets such as patents or intellectual property.
The Real estate is that area of investment which has been used for the purpose of accumulating wealth in the form of assets for more than thousands of years. It has been observed that in the investor’s portfolio that real estate has taken a significant portion in the form of investment asset. Basically, there are two forms of real estate, one is
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This includes information related to tax structure, immigration laws and the number of days they have to be present in the country to be deemed as a foreigner (Mettling, Cusic, & Mettling, 2015).
Apart from individual state laws, the buying and selling agreement between both parties of a real estate is governed by the general principles of contract law. The agreement and its terms, which include the value of property, the seller and buyer information, title of ownership is required to be in written form, that is signed by all the parties involved. Generally the real estate contracts require the title of the property as a marketable entity and an attorney regularly investigates the marketability of the title in legal terms. Delivery and execution of a deed with proper description is compulsory for title to pass and officially recorded by the real estate law. Moreover, apart from buying and selling of property, renting and leasing for residential or commercial purpose of a property is also regulated by the states. Under the estate law, such include the handling of security deposit, evictions, etc (Sprankling, 2011).
The purpose of purchase and how the property is used by the owner is also regulated by the state and local law. This includes using the property in a legal manner, with construction and development
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