The Real Lincoln By Thomas J. A Brief

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“The Real Lincoln written by Thomas J. Dilorenzo published in 2002 gives us details into the Lincoln presidency It shows how Lincoln wanted a more central government he was not a man for all people but for the north. It shows that Lincoln was not the reason for the split in the country but a sense of pride was to blame. He did not support equal rights in slave and white americans. He was for the “ American system” and the expansion of America. Lorenzo is a member of the faculty at Loyola University of Maryland where he teaches economics. Lorenzo also wrote several other books: Lincoln Unmasked, How Capitalism Saved America, Hamilton’s Curse, and Inflating War. He is not the biggest fan of Lincoln in The Real Lincoln; in this book he tends…show more content…
Or was one of the most respected presidents out for his own personal gain. And there are no pictures in the book just charts throughout the book to show the facts about something that the author is trying to say. This book is organized very well it seems to go chronologically throughout the book. It is separated by chapters each telling something about Lincoln’s presidency such as racial equality, emancipation, during and after the war. Racial Equality is something this great president is know for nowadays but is that really how it was? “Lincoln has gone down in history as a champion os equality; indeed, some political scientists’ such as Harry V. Jaffa, have even argued that Lincoln literally redefined the purpose of American government as the pursuit of equality rather than individual liberty. This is a problematic interpretation, however, for Lincoln stated over and over that he was opposed to racial equality.”(11) “I have no purpose to introduce political and social equality between the white and black races” Lincoln is very opposed to the racial equality that he is know for now he supported the Republican party.(11) “Then he goes on later to contradicting himself saying he has no “purpose to interfere” with all the states that have slavery.”(Events Calendar America’s Civil War) The Emancipation Proclamation is something many people nowadays see as something that freed most slaves. But it “did not free a single slave”
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