The Real Men in Black Essay

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The Real Men in Black The Men in Black, are they a group employed by the government to cover up knowledge of extra terrestrials, aliens themselves, or merely a modern urban legend started by the mentally unstable. We are unable to answer this, but we will do our best to give you the proper information to have your own opinion. The M.I.B. are said to visit people shortly after an encounter with aliens. Different people say different things about them, but basically they all agree on their appearance. They are said to be tall, pale with abnormal features. They are said to have a very queer presence. It is not very human, some say they talk without moving their lips, and have monotonal, or mechanical voices. They drive…show more content…
Also they usually port wigs or Make-up to make them more “human looking.” They also are known to be fascinating with the simplest things such as bowls of Jell-Oä or ballpoint pens, and often ask very mundane and rude questions. Most of their attempts to look “human” can be seen throw and are thought to be aliens themselves. Also it seems that even the government acknowledges the existence of the MIB. On March 1, 1967, Lt. General Hewitt T. Wheless, the Assistant Vice Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force sent the following message to a number of defense agencies, including Strategic Air Command, and I Quote, "Information, not verifiable, has reached HQ USAF that persons claiming to represent the Air Force or other Defense establishments have contacted citizens who have sighted unidentified flying objects. In one reported case an individual in civilian clothes, who represented himself as a member of NORAD, demanded and received photos belonging to a private citizen. In another, a person in an Air Force uniform approached local police and other citizens who had sighted a UFO, assembled them in a school room and told them that they did not see what they thought they saw and that they should not talk to anyone about the sighting. All military and civilian personnel and particularly Information Officers and UFO Investigating Officers who hear of such reports should immediately notify their local OSI
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