The Real Tragic Hero Of Antigone

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The Real Tragic Hero of Antigone
In Antigone by Sophocles, there are two main characters which are Creon and Antigone. Between the two there is only one of them that qualifies to be a tragic hero that has the five elements. The tragic hero of the play is Creon, he has noble stature, tragic flaws, free choice, excessive punishment and then increased awareness. Creon becomes king of Thebes after the death of Eteocles and Polyneices. His decisions affect the entire town, and due to his excessive pride it will. It will cause problems from the people, him and his family. Creon does not realize his wrong until it is too late.
Noble stature is one of the elements that a tragic hero must have, and Creon surely has it. This affect’s society because whatever he decides will go, and under no circumstances is he changing his mind. First Creon says, “He’s to have no funeral or lament, but to be left unburied and unwept, a sweet treasure for the birds to look at, for them to feed on to their heart’s content. That’s what people say the nobile Creon has announced to you and me--I mean to me-- and***. For Creon this matter’s really serious. Anyone who acts against the order will be stoned to death before the city” (Prologue: 34-43). He forbids the burial of Polyneices to everyone. This decision is the starting point of all his problems. Since he is the king, whatever he says, everyone has to follow. He does what he thinks is best which is his decisions, and not listening to anyone else.…
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