The Reality Of Reality Television Essay

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Reality television has taken off over the past few years bringing shows to the airwaves such as the Bachelor and Breaking Amish. One of the more successful reality television shows, which is going off the air after this season, is Duck Dynasty. The show features a cast of redneck white males who have created a fortune making handmade duck calls. Their wives are the typical stay at home moms who cook and clean the house, or as Uncle Si would say, wifely duties. The show is shot in West Monroe, Louisiana, a country town. Which is exactly where the “rural hillbillies” like to be. Somewhere they can hunt ducks, frogs, and any other creature they can eat. The show’s main purpose is to show the viewer how the interworking’s of this unusual multi-million-dollar company. Most multi-million-dollar companies are based in a skyscraper and feature people in business suits and ties walking around an office full of cubicles. The show wants to show these hillbillies who turned a hobby into a booming company, trying to remain these down to earth country guys even though they have millions of dollars. They are the real-life version of the Beverly Hill Hillbillies. As mentioned before the show consist of all white males or females. However, Willie and Korie adopted a little boy named “Lil Will” who is half-black which is very interesting due to the content of the show and some of the scenes and phrases the cast use. The show interviews the main four or five people; Willie, Jese, Si,

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