A Comparison Of The Office And The Office

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The Office
The average person spends over ninety thousand hours of their life at work, yet millions of people still watch a television show about an office after working their own nine-to-five shifts. Workplace sitcoms, such as The Office, have gained exceeding popularity over the past few years, but the irony is that the viewer’s “escape from reality” leads them right back to their own cubicle. So what would intrigue the audience to fictional paper companies? Audiences are able to relate to the show which is perhaps the foremost reason for The Office being first created in the United Kingdom. Soon after, American producers saw the potential of the show to be a success overseas, so they modified the BBC program for American culture. The American remake of The Office has many similarities and differences with its British counterpart such as archetypal characters and individual storylines; however, the two sitcoms exemplify the differing business cultures, diversity gaps, and the overall national identities of the U.K and the U.S. The typical office scene around the globe is presented in both the British and American versions of The Office, but perhaps the most stereotypical aspect of the show is the characters. Ranging from the comedic bosses to the unique coworkers, every person in The Office has their own story to tell. Although the characteristics of the two casts vary slightly, the foundation that the characters were founded on is based on common perceptions of office

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