The Reason For Francis 's Resignation

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The order that Francis founded would start with a simple idea of living a very poor life, preaching the teaching of Jesus and submission to the church or anyone in need. A main part of Francis vision involves helping those in need without anything in return. The reason for Francis’s resignation comes from his coming to terms with the size of his movement. The way the lepers help show Francis understands the size of his movement since it shows the way of life he preached, the struggle with some of his follower and the need to create a rule for his followers.
Francis resignation from his movement in 1220 comes from the idea of his vision which is expressed in his experience with the lepers in Assisi. Francis as a youth would see the lepers …show more content…

Rather than trying to follow or lead others for personal gain, the way to find spiritual peace is in helping and placing others above one’s own interest. The problem with putting others interest over one’s own is that does not help in being a leader who needs to guide people. He may place certain acts as example of his way of life, but he cannot impose his idea on anyone since the very idea of submitting to someone should be voluntary. In many ways, the reason Francis resigns is that once his movement becomes too big, he could no longer oversee everything his followers would do and without a rule, his followers would misinterpret his vision.
A major issue that would cause Francis to believe he was not a proper leader and resign was the issue with Brother John of Cappella. Helping the lepers would be one of Francis’s first task of leaving the world and gain God’s mercy, yet he would be outraged by the actions of John of Capella and his community helping the lepers. His reaction to this would be to appeal to the Pope for assistance to abolish this movement yet a question that remains is the reason he would want to stop it. Thompson does give a possible reason by saying,” John’s leper project threatened to professionalize such service, thereby allowing most friars to avoid it. … Last thing Francis wanted was for his order to become a group of social workers or hospital attendants. The Lesser Brothers were called to live

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