The Reason Of Obesity And Obesity

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Introduction: In these days, rates of overweight and obesity are growth faster in Australia. Fourteen million Australians are overweight or obese. More than five million Australians are obese. Australian adults (63%) are overweight or obese, almost 2 in 3. And children (25%) are overweight or obese. Obesity has overtaken smoking as the crucial cause of death and illness in Australia. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians are 1.9 times as likely as non-indigenous Australians to be obese.More than 900,000 Australians suffer from diabetes.(NHS Choice 2015) If this tendency still continues, by 2025, nearly 80% of all Australian adults and a third of all children will be overweight or obese. It will influence individuals healthy and society development. In this essay, we will discuss the reason of obesity, and the effects and how to solution this question. (Australian Government 2012)
Reason: Many Australian became overweight and obesity is because of poor diet and lifestyle choices, for example, eating a greatly number of soft drink and fast food that is high in fat and sugar. As well as we know, the fast food, like hamburger and French fires has really highly calorie and Australian like these foods. At the same time, a copious of young man only focus on meat but not eat vegetables at all, nevertheless we need numerous vitamins and other nutrition, it help us keep the balance between our body, if we broke this nutrient balance, along with the falling of

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