The Reason Versus Emotion Debate

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Art has illustrated the Reason versus Emotion debate for centuries. Based on art history a good person lives according to reason.When emotion is present in an image it takes away from the subject matter and introduces personal feelings which distorts the image’s contextual meaning. This same principle can be applied to one’s personal life. Although art that portrays emotion is accepted by myself and others in the 21st century, I still believe that reason should dominate emotion. Art from the Renaissance period and the Neoclassical period will justify my response. Pieces that counteract my argument can be found in the Baroque period and the Rococo period. Both Baroque and Rococo periods use the artwork’s composition to focus on emotion instead of reason which is a bad decision. The time range at hand covers roughly 500 years and it clearly implies whom society considered to be a good person. Through this art work I will also address matters related to the sacred realm,politics and social order, and the natural world.
The first painting comes from Andrea Solari of the Milanese school and it is a piece from the Renaissance period (1400-1495) . The composition of the image makes John the Baptist’s head the focal point. The Salome, who has requested that John the Baptist be executed is on the left and the executioner’s arm is on the right to create symmetry, while John the Baptist’s head is extended toward the center of the image. furthermore, the complementary colors

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