The Reasons Of An Epic : The Ilad And The Iliad

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Some of the eldest and most significant cultures have been around for thousands of years. China was one of four civilizations to be organized. Egypt came around and some of these structures (the pyramids) still stand today as a test to time. One of the grand influences on our culture as Americans is that of the ancient Greeks. Most of our architect, art, language, and stories originates in the land of Greece. However, one thing that Greece has that we do not is an Epic. Some may ponder and ask, “what do you mean an epic?” By Epic, I’m simply referring to the stories such as the Iliad or the Odyssey. Italy, France, Britain, and Greece all have these Epics that tell of their country's history. The Iliad contains more merit than that of the Odyssey for a few reasons. One of these is the fact that it comes before that of the Iliad. Another reason is the facts it contains. The Odyssey is the story of Odysseus’s journey home, and on this journey he is constantly battling monsters. In the Iliad, it is a story of a war between men. It tells of the god’s intervening, but it is closer to factual and our current day historians and scientist need facts to say something’s credible. In the Epic, The Iliad, Homer displays three series of violence and bloodshed all because of different reasons. The first major scene of violence that will be dissected in the Epic Iliad, by Homer, is the war itself and why copious amounts of blood was spilled. The war started over three goddesses fighting

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