Local Production In Nigeria Essay

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THE REBIRTH OF NEW NIGERIA: WAR ON CORRUPTION AND RESTORING THE CONFIDENCE OF INVESTORS ADDRESS BY: COLONEL HAMEED IBRAHIM ALI (RETIRED) COMPTROLLER GENERAL, NIGERIA CUSTOMS SERVICE DELIVERED AT NIGERIA ARAB ECONOMIC SUMMIT 2017 MARCH 13, 2017. RITZ CARLTON INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CENTRE DUBAI, UAE 1. Introduction: The renewal of Nigeria’s promise to its citizens is a process that requires a vision of prosperity, security, productivity and global pride. This cannot be achieved without serious effort, considerable sacrifice and extensive collaboration that harnesses capabilities across diverse sources to forge a nation of endless innovation and boundless bounties. The Nigeria of our dreams will be built on the creativity and …show more content…

It is therefore, my pleasure to make this address at the Inaugural edition of this summit which focuses on the Diversification of Local Production for Global Consumption. It is my hope that lessons shared and partnerships forged at this event will plug into our efforts in economic diversification and enhancing the global competitiveness of Nigerian products and services. 5. This will not be possible without serious commitment to solving issues that present challenges of a global nature, starting from home. Our government is fully aware of the dangerous effects of corrupt systems and institutions on our national survival, and keeping the sanctity and integrity of global political and economic transactions. The cost is one that is too great to bear. To ensure beneficial programs that utilize the productive capacity of Nigeria and its citizens, Government is working towards providing an enabling environment for honest transactions. The decades of corruption getting a head start on us has made the fight difficult but also emboldened us to ensure that corruption never again finds a safe haven in our systems and institutions. 6. Institutional Re-Positioning: The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) as a frontline trade institution is a critical element in winning this anti-corruption war. We must not

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