The Reconstruction Era During The Civil War

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When I see Margaret Walker’s quote I believe she was saying that even though at one time African Americans were treated poorly this country wouldn’t be what it is today without what African Americans went through. They have had such a major impact on music, movies, literature, sports, and many other things. The Reconstruction Era took place after the end of the Civil War. It lasted from 1965 to 1977. It was the North’s way of making peace with not only former slaves, but the South as well. The Reconstruction Era attempted to better the lives of African Americans by making advancements in education and religion. The 15th Amendment gave African Americans the right to vote. 105 African American colleges were created after the Civil War. While life was progressively getting better for newly freed African Americans many whites established black codes in an attempt to keep them from learning. They feared African Americans getting educated and wanted to stop it. Even though it was passed that African Americans were allowed to vote in the 15th Amendment many polling places wouldn’t allow it. African Americans faced tremendous backlash. One of the examples of racism that they still had to endure was the Klu Klux Klan or KKK as it would widely be known as. In “Klan Skepticism and Denial in Reconstruction-Era Public Discourse” by Elaine Frantz Parsons we hear just how bad the KKK was. “Klan violence began in late 1867 and remained at a substantial level” (Parsons 1). Elaine
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