The Reconstruction Of Language In Gilead : The Reconstruction Of Language In The World

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In our third writing assignment it was required to observe an event that might be characterized as intercultural. Reading this novel feels most similar to the experience I had during the third writing assignment because as Offred is narrating her experience in Gilead, I am able to analyze the situation from an ethnographic perspective where a researcher would normally observe society from the point of view of the subject of the study. As a result, I discovered that differences among language contribute to how the world is constructed and in this case Gilead’s terminology limits what individuals can say and think in order for those with power to maintain control. Gilead’s use of language to influence thought has made clear the ways in which language can be used to expressed power. The reconstruction of language in Gilead emphasizes how language can restrict forms of communication between people to create control. Observing these restrictions on speech and oppressive language used in the novel assist us in identifying similar ways in which these techniques happen within our own societies. For instance, one can examine the ways in which language is used to describe individuals of different ethnicities in the media and how it can contribute to prejudices against certain cultures. One example would be to examine the language that is used to describe African Americans in the media. In the article From brute to thug: the demonization and criminalization of unarmed Black male

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