The Reconstruction of the United States

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The Reconstruction of the United States was a success by having a unified nation by 1877. However it did not come easy. It started in 1863 when Lincoln was president. During his presidency, Abraham Lincoln wrote a plan to help get the country back to its feet. President Abraham Lincoln began to prepare the reconstruction of the North and South shortly after the war ended (Roark, pg. 458). Lincoln plan was to restore loss properties for everyone except for slaves (Roark, pg. 459). He also restores all political rights to most rebels willing to renounce secession and to accept emancipation (Roark, pg. 459). The main point for the reconstruction was based on forgiveness. His plan included a ten percent plan, which specified that a southern state could be readmitted into the Union once ten percent of its voters take an oath of allegiance to the union (Roark, pg. 459). With this the state could organize a brand new government. Not everyone in congress was for the president’s new plan. Despite some of the negativities Lincoln had to endure, he still went ahead with his plan and even expressed his support for the southern blacks. The South freed all their salves and they later became free workers (Roark, pg. 459). Many laws of land and labor became unclear. The Confiscation Act was created to take away the enemies properties (Roark, pg. 459). This act passed during the war. Soon after that a new labor code was created where landholders were required to sign contracts with many

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