The Red Badge Od Courage Datasheet

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Title: The Red Badge of Courage
Author: Stephen Crane
Genre: Historical Fiction

Author and Background: Stephen Crane was born on November 1st, 1871. He wrote several books such as Maggie and Georges Mother, but The Red Badge of Courage was by far his best work and biggest seller. In 1900 he became ill and was nearly broke so he couldn’t afford his multiple health treatments. On June 5th, 1900 he died and left his belongings to Cora Taylor, a close friend. The Red Badge of Courage takes place during the civil war and is heavily realistic, even though; Crane had never actually been in a war.

Plot Summary: Story starts with the 304th regiment being told that they are marching to what they think is a battle. Henry, the main
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“He had done a good part in saving himself, who was a little piece of the army.”

The quote occurs after Henry fled from battle. It shows that he believes running away was the right thing to do even if he left his friends to fight. Henry believes that saving himself was more important than standing and fighting with his regiment. “His self-pride was now entirely restored.”

The quote shows that Henry finally found his courage and finds happiness within himself. He had gone through a hard change from having no pride to gaining full self-pride.


Henry Fleming:
• Protagonist
• Want to be war hero
• In his first battle he acts like a coward
• And in his last battle he ends as war hero
• Dynamic character

• Loud soldier who speaks his opinion
• Friends with Henry
• Grows to become an experienced soldier

Jim Conklin
• Henrys friends
• Get hurt during battle
• Runs of and dies when Henry regroups with him
• His death promotes change in Henry

Henry’s Mother
• Doesn’t want Henry to go to the war
• Is a hard working woman
• Tells Henry not to let the bad soldiers change him

The tattered soldier
• Wounded soldier that Henry meets
• Continually asks Henry about his wound which he doesn’t have
• Drives Henry to leave him to die


Serene: calm, peaceful, or tranquil Dingy: shabby, dismal
Viand: an article of food Tattered:

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