The Red Badge of Courage

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War is a mandatory action crucial to obtain peace in dire circumstances. Civilizations falter and crumble due to disagreements inside the system. In order for peace to prevail, war becomes a necessity, to avoid the reversion and waning of improvements or else all struggles and achievements will amount to nothing. By giving reason and name to war, it is transformed into a fair, yet morally inaccurate solution to find peace. This indistinct finale to the fiasco reflects how in order to succeed in one situation; one must sacrifice and sin for the better and more desirable outcome. A person fights for reasons concealed to themselves, but are exposed in sacred revelations broadcasted publicly during the dissection of character. Reasons for…show more content…
The iron laws of tradition and law refer to the army responsibilities, the chains he willingly draped around himself and locked into a permanent position when the act of enlisting had been done. The moving box personifies his reluctant obedience similar to the contents that a box contains and carries with. What Henry had not realized was that the sacrifice he had paid was his will. By giving into a higher power, he had submitted his obedience, pledged his allegiances and finalized where his loyalties lie. He had never before thought that he had been forced into the army, yet when an unfavorable situation arose, he retaliated in the simplest way he knew how to: by reverting fault away from himself. Feeling confined and powerless to escape, Henry points his finger at the closest candidate for his misfortune. Before, thoughts of war had been honorable and vague, drowning in golden biased sunshine. The sick realization of the sacrifice he unwillingly agreed to contribute and cannot reverse inescapably leads nowhere worth going. Instability takes root within the mind due to the uncertainty that results from unwillingly performing the responsibilities of the regiment. With this wavering and dangerous mindset, it is a slow process until soldiers eventually lose their solid connection to reality and dissolve into their mind.
Tents sprang up like strange plants. Camp fires, like red, peculiar blossoms, dotted the

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