The Red Cabin Book Report

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The Red Cabin By Caelee Carcasole

On a cold and foggy day a mother named Kristen and her daughter Amber moved into a cabin close to a forest that people said is haunted. They claimed they saw a ghost and wierd figures moving around. They didn't believe in the stories. The next morning Amber was playing close to the cabin, she then started to hear weird noises coming from the cabin. Amber got scared so she went closer and closer to check it out. She went in and she saw a hidden door, so she ran out and told her mom. Kristen went in and didn't see anything. They went back outside.

The next day Amber heard crying and saw that door again. She also saw a ghost near the door. She told her mom but Kristen didn't believe her. She just stop telling her …show more content…

She looks around and doesn’t see anything. She arrives at school and was playing with her friends when she felt that cold breeze again. She looked around and noticed that the leaves were not blowing in the breeze not even the flag. She began to wonder if the ghost came with her to school. When Amber went inside her classroom and sat down at her desk she saw her pencil move and hi Amber was written on her desk. Amber was scared and excited at the same time. She whispered “are you the ghost from my cabin”, and the pencil wrote YES then dropped on the floor.

After school Amber went back home and saw her mother at the kitchen table with all these papers. What is all this Amber asked. Her mom said, I went into town and asked about who lived at this cabin before us and if anything ever happened here. They gave me these papers that say there was a fire here about 15 years ago and a little girl about your age named Lily died in that fire. The cabin was rebuilt and painted red because that was Lily’s favourite colour. They say Lily's spirit stayed in the cabin waiting for a friend to play

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