The Reflection Of Life : The Origin Of Blues Music

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Music is a form of art, and since art reflects life, it only makes sense that music is reflective of life. Music is used all over the world to express thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; whether it is used to express celebration, the act of worship, the act of mourning, just to dance to, or any other reasoning, it all comes back to the idea that music reflects life. One genre of music that is particularly obvious in what it is trying to express, is blues music. Blues music is a genre of music that is most often associated with melancholy lyrics and notes, combining slow and long patterns and melodic sequences. After first rising to popularity at a fundamental time in our country’s history, blues music eventually went on to become one of the most impactful aspects in the music world because of the several artists that gave it notoriety, as well as its obvious influence on other important musical genres and styles. The origin of blues music dates back all the way to the late 19th century, eventually going on to gain more recognition and popularity in the post-Reconstruction Era of the United States and early 20th century. It is widely known that the blues have deep roots in African-American history, having been conceived on Southern plantations where slaves would sing of their misery and unjust lives as they were extremely mistreated and over-worked endlessly in the fields by their slave-owners. After the end of the Civil War and Reconstruction Era, blues music began making

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