The Reflection Of My Writing Skills In High School

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During the past, few weeks and after attending class every week, I feel that my writing skills have increased drastically. I have gained more knowledge, and a better understanding of what I need to improve and how. For example, going back into high school, I would say that my favorite subject was English, yet, I would struggle with my grammar choices as well as my punctuations. My use of semi-colons would be placed in the wrong places, until now. My professor has taught us a better understanding of semi-colons that it can be placed when 2 main clauses can stand alone as their own sentences. Something I feel proud of learning and understanding is the use of parallel structure. I’ve gained some knowledge on what it is, and how to use it within sentences. The use of parallel structure has never come across in all my years of being a student until now. When I heard of it, I was kind of puzzled in a way because the saying itself seemed a little bit confusing. Once my professor started teaching the class about it and using examples for us to learn about it, it started becoming self-explanatory. During the process of writing my first essay based on the article, “Police in Schools: Keeping Kids Safe, or Arresting Them For no Good Reason” I felt pretty confident on my first draft and felt that I did such a good work. One thing I lack of as a writing is double checking my work, and re-reading my work. Although I did get good feedback on my first paper, I felt determined I did a great

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