The Reformation Of England And Germany

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After the reformation had reached parts of England and Germany, John Knox started preaching the reformation to Scotland. Knox sought to win over the many Catholics that were in Scotland. He had many opportunities to preach at St. Andrews church and his teachings were very popular among the people. Due to his rising popularity and demand, one of the leaders in the church, Rough, asked him to consider taking a position in the church as a preacher. Knox quickly denied saying he wouldn’t take the position unless it was God’s calling on his life. However, Rough wasn’t letting him go that easily, the next Sunday Rough did a sermon on God’s will and calling and asked the congregation to express to Knox their desire for him to be their pastor. This brought tears to Knox’s eyes and he left the church and locked himself in his chambers for a couple days pondering his decision. Ultimately he took the call and began to preach at the church. Knox criticized the functions of the Catholic church in his sermons comparing certain aspects of it to Daniel 7:24-25. Knox said that the text, “showed that the lives of clergy, from popes downwards; how the doctrines of the Church, particularly that of justification through “works of man’s invention”; how ecclesiastical enactments such as clerical celibacy, compulsory fasting, and observance of days; and how such “blasphemous’ pretensions as those which claimed papal infallibility and power over purgatory—all combined proved that the Roman church

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