The Reformation : The Beliefs Of The Protestant Reformation

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The Protestant Reformation was a time of separation and awareness. It marked a shift in ideas, art, and beliefs mostly in Germany. The Protestant Reformation began in the 16th century after the people of Europe grown distrustful of the Roman catholic church. The morality of the church had died out with time. The papacy had made it clear that it had control over all estates and all people. This included kings and those who were wealthy. People could buy services from a priest, which included the clergy reading the scripture for someone and fasting for someone. The church also allowed those to pay a price for their sins versus spending more time in purgatory. The church no longer operated by faith but by money and power. Their extravagant purchases, like the rebuilding of Saint Peter’s cathedral, was received with harsh criticism from the people of Germany (Fiero 475). All these things combined sparked the Protestant Reformation.
The papacy’s corruption ultimately led to Martin Luther, an Augustinian monk and doctor of theology, to nail a 95-point manifesto on the door of the All Saints church in Wittenberg, Germany. Luther had believed that only those who believed in the sacrifice of Christ would be saved from the pits of hell. Those who had bought indulgences, and idolized saints would not be saved, as faith could not be bought. Luther also voiced that he did not believe the Pope should be the source of supremacy when it came to matters of faith and principle. He believed

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