The Regooco Art Movement Of The 18th Century

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The Rococo Art Movement

During the 18th Century, there was a turning point to the basic style and mood of artists’ craft, due to The Enlightenment and The French Revolution. Towards the end of the dramatic and regal Baroque period, a lighter hearted method of painting came about, known as the “Rococo” style. It was considered a brighter and more amorously themed approach which affected many aspects of art including sculpting, painting, interior design, architecture, and more. Rococo art was shown on chapel ceilings in the form of frescoes, but was mainly a way of decoration for large wealthy homes. It was a sign of riches to have the curvy, intricate paintings and architecture among your archways, doors, and even chairs. Rococo paintings themselves featured lovey subjects without a main theme or meaning, jus the seen beauty. Rococo Art will forever be remembered as a great era of art that was in regal demand.
The Rococo style of the 18th century movement was derived from an earlier Baroque style, which consisted of more biblical scenes and heroism than the light hearted Rococo. It consisted of much more idyllic scenes of love and beauty than that of the baroque style. The book “The Baroque Period: Movements in Art” explains Rococo art as, “Instead of being used to teach people or influence their thoughts, art was primarily something to be admired and enjoyed. Beauty and feeling became the dominant artistic goals”(pg.39). The thing to be appreciated about rococo style art

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