The Relationship Between Attitudes and Communication

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Attitudes & Communication Attitudes & Communication The prevailing attitudes in my culture and society regarding women's place in society are intense and vary. Though it is the 21st century, there are many people, male and female that have conservative and traditional views regarding the role and place of women in society. There are as well a number of public figures, examples, and statistics of women that do not follow traditional roles in society. There are more female high ranking government officials than in any other point in history and there are more women enrolled at the undergraduate and graduate levels than in history and in some cases vastly outnumbering male counterparts. Therefore, like many issues in American society, the attitudes regarding this issue may seem paradoxical or conflicting. One attitude that many people share within the culture is that women have the right to choose what kind of lifestyle they wish to lead and should be unduly hindered to do so. If a woman chooses her life's focus to be her spouse, offspring, and home that is her choice. It is equally her choice to have lovers, focus on her professional development, and seek advanced formal education. Whatever the attitudes, women certainly have more social and economic mobility than in previous decades and even centuries. The prevailing attitude is that women will article their needs and make their own choices whether traditional or alternative. The prevailing attitude in my culture
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