The Relationship Between Friends And Love In Alice Walker's 'The Color Purple'

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The book I read is called The Color Purple, and it was written by Alice Walker in 1982. The book was about this 14 year old girl, Celie, who writes letters to God because of her abusive and sadistic father, Alonso. Celie’s writing skills isn’t that great, but at time goes by, with the help of her friend, her writing gets better. This book shows how a powerful relationship between friends/lovers could affect their lives forever. Celie who was molested while growing up, Celie who didn’t know how to stand up for herself, and didn’t have any confidence, was changed by a woman named Shug Avery. Later on in the book, Celie learned how to accept and love herself the way she is. She learned how to stand up for herself and be more assertive.
Celie’s father impregnated her twice. The first baby, she thought was brought into the woods by her father to kill the baby. The second kid, was stolen also by her father and the baby was sold. One day, this man saw Celie’s younger sister, Nettie. The man liked Nettie and so the man, which was called Mr._____, asks Alonso’s permission if he could marry Nettie. Alonso refused and he made him marry Celie, instead. So they got married, they marriage was not a lovely one. Mr._____ also beats up Celie and mistreats her. Nettie, tired of his father, decided to go stay with Celie’s house. And when Mr._____, tried to advance on Nettie, she ran away. But before that, she promised Celie to write to her every day.
Mr._____ also has a lover, named Shug

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