The Relationship Between Human And Police Public Relations

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1. A. Human relations are defined as when everything is done with each other as human beings. It promotes ways in which people in communities learn to get along and to safeguard equal opportunity for all. (Wakabayashi, 1998) It’s basically when a cop’s morale come into play when interacting with their citizens. For example, an officer pulls over an individual for speeding and instead of going by the book and giving a ticket, the officer gets their side of the story, the man tells the officer his wife is pregnant and uses their discretion to decide to give them an escort to the hospital.
B. Police public relations can be described as Activities performed by police agencies designed to create a favorable public image. (Dempsey, 2014) Their main task is to see that the law is obeyed and, at times, physically to restrain members of the public. (P.R. wilson, 1967) They are there to make their presence known, but in a sense of relief for the public they govern. An officer is on patrol and two young adults are arguing over a game of basketball, and the officer goes over and pull the two apart and he begins to play with them would be a prime example of police public relations.
C. Police-community relations is the combined relationship of human and police public relations. (Dempsey, 2014) It’s basically creating strong relationships of mutual trust between police agencies and the communities they serve as a critical way to maintaining public safety and effective policing.

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