The Relationship Between Tcp And Udp Start With How Data Is Handled

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Question 1: A single device can host multiple services by having different port numbers in place in the transport layer. These port numbers are dynamically generated by the device that is sending the information so that a conversation can be initiated, having this allows for many conversations to take place at the same time on each different port. When it comes to deciding how different sides know what ports to use there are things called Well-known ports and these port numbers can be used in for services and applications. There are also registered ports and these ports are assigned for a specific process or service and are not changed. The other ports that are used are called dynamic ports and these ports are used to first determine what…show more content…
UDP on the other hand receives packets in the order in which they arrive and not by the order they were sent. UDP acknowledges that it will receive all packets and as long as all packets are received the full data that is being sent will be intact and whole. This difference also works in line with TCP authenticating everything that goes through it. While UDP does not have an authentication build to it just takes the packets as they come if they are coming from a known sender that way no time is wasted. That is why both methods are needed because somethings do not require the authentication method while other need to go through it for security purposes. Question 3: Subnet Mask is, first four:,,, Mask is first four:,,, Question 4: Best effort delivery is described as when an IP cannot manage or recover packets that have been lost or corrupted during the transport process. This happens because packets do not carry information that can tell the sender that they arrived or if they didn’t arrive so its up to an application at the destination end to inform the sender whether or not a whole set of data arrived. Question 6: Physical Addresses differ from Virtual addresses in which they are actually
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