The Relationship Between The Colonies And England

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Throughout history, America has fought plenty of wars, internal and external. From war with other countries to wars fought with each other. These wars were fought for freedom, equality, hope and for a voice that should be heard, but those things cannot be obtained easily. Americans declared war against England to prove a point, to get the message across that they can survive on their own and that they can even surpass their mother country, which they did when they were victorious on both occasions. The relationship between the colonies and England was already tense by the time the wars started. The Americans were tired of being ignored and treated as unequal. They did not like how other countries still had so much control over the land that they occupy and how taxes were enforced on them by the same people. Their lives were basically all about making money for their mother country. Make money, send it back home, and listen to the rules that were placed upon you by someone that is not even physically there. The Americans declared two wars against England because they wanted to expand and take over the land that they have been living on for a while now and have free range to do business with whoever and wherever they wanted. They knew that they could win these wars because Britain wanted a short war because they were so expensive. These wars were a good idea because it got the point across to other countries to leave the land and helped America build a stronger reputation.

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