The Relationship Of Conflict In Arthur Miller's The Crucible

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There are several conflicts was happened to Arthur Miller’s novel which is “The Crucible ”, but the most important conflicts on “The Crucible” always close to relationship of characters. There are many reasons for the conflict happened, characters’ mind for themselves, characters’ emotion for other people, and the social condition made the relationship of characters that live in Salem changed. If these reasons made problems with characters, there will be many conflicts.
At the beginning, characters’ mind always made conflicts happened. First, character who think the social status is most important than everything. For example, Reverend Parris is a kind of person who think the position is most important thing, “The child is desperate! It must come out—My enemies will bring it out.”(The Crucible page 10). So, this quote is showing Parris is a selfish person, while he talk to Abigail for more detail of the dance on forest which like witchcraft, his daughter Betty still cannot weak up, but Parris did not care about her, because he think he need defend his enemies to destroy his life, this is a reason of the conflicts happened between Parris and Abigail about the truth of “witchcraft”. Next, Parris was made a conflict to John Proctor because Parris believe John is a part of a faction attempting to usurp his power. For instance, “You people seem not to comprehend that a minister is not to be so lightly crossed and contradicted—”said Parris(The Crucible page 30). So, the main

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