The Relationship Of Inclusive Education In The Philippines

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Education is a key to avoid children from poverty and they have equal rights to have a quality of education and at the same right to be educated as other school aged children. Children with developmental disabilities could not learn before because the government therefore accepted no responsibility to these children. And so parents of these children forced to understand the potential of their children and that they responded to create their own schools, churches and basements for their children. There is a little, not clear and unstable approach of Inclusive Education (IE) in the Philippines including of the confusion of teachers and principals to define the relationship of Inclusive Education to a quality of education in school as well as a difficulty on how they will revise the teachers and principals in their ways of teaching to make their teaching more meaningful and can touch the future of these children in Inclusive Education (IE). Teachers and principals in Sta. Catalina in elementary and secondary is not that well trained towards the inclusion of education. Other teachers and principals seems to be professionally unqualified as their position into inclusive education. Children have the rights to well trained in school and must receive quality education regardless of their
disabilities, abilities and capabilities in an inclusive setting. According to Villamero (2015) said that Negros Oriental is now envisions the teachers and

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