The Religions Of Shinto And Buddhism

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The two religions that are located in Japan are Shinto and Buddhism. The two religions in japan are extraordinarily unalike, while Shintoism believes that every living thing including rocks and sounds contain some type of god in them, and Buddhism is concerned with the soul and afterlife that happens in Buddhism. The religions differ very much from each other with little similarities. Buddhism and Shintoism differ in one using shrines while the other has temples, the two both have religious ceremonies, and one believes in the afterlife while the other does not. Shinto was originated in Japan and formed in five hundred BCE. Shinto “the way of the Kami” is the religion of Japan that was first used in the 6th century. Shinto has no founder, no sacred texts and no formalized system. Shinto is uniquely Japanese, and believes in a god named Kami, the Shinto believe that Kami exists both as spiritual beings but as well as in nature. The Kami is not like Western Religions, because the Kami is not perceived as an all-powerful god, but as a creative force. Buddhism was formed in the 5th century B.C.E. in northern India. The religion was started by a man named Siddhartha Gautama, who is also referred to as the Buddha or the enlightened one. The way this man started the religion was by training his meditation for six years, and then once he felt he was close to “full enlightenment” he went into meditation and vowed not to come out until he reached full enlightenment. Buddha then

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