The Religious Power Of Guy Fawkes And King James I

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There always has been tension when it comes down to religion and it was no different whenever England was under Queen Elizabeth I'sElizabeth’s I control. All of the religious groups were confused and scared under her rule since she did not have a strong faith with any religion. She persecuted Catholic priests even though she did not have a strong faith in the Protestants. Catholics were forced to go to Protestant services and endure a non-Catholic service under her rule. So when James I became King after her death, Catholics anticipated for the injustice to change. But they were sorely mistaken because he turned out to be more ignorant than Queen Elizabeth . Most of the religious party were really chaotic under his rule. Catholics were soon fed up under King James I and wanted to take action. Which is why a Catholic group consisting of 13 men tried to get rid of King James I and his Parliament, and the most known member out of the 13 is Guy Fawkes. Unfortunately, the plan had been compromised before Fawkes had the chance to light up the barrels full of gunpowder, but what he and his friends tried to do ignited and impacted many people even though he failed to blow up the Parliament Building.
Guy Fawkes being one of the many people that took matter into their own hands. Fawkes was born on April 13, 1570 to Edith and Edward Fawkes in the town of Stonegate, England. Fawkes grew up with “two sisters, Anne and Elizabeth” (Encyclopedia of World Biography). When Fawkes was

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