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The Remarkable World of Stem Cells Micheal Davis Writing 301 Mrs. Sargent January 18, 2017 The Remarkable World of Stem Cells Stem cells have been a medical miracle since the dawn of the 20th century, and there next-to-limitless potential has exceeded modern biologists’ wildest dreams. One question to ask however, is what are stem cells, and how do they function to where is makes them such a great medical discovery? In a sort of simplified version to which will give more of a better overall understanding of the topic at hand, stem cells are a sort of interior repair system for the human body and other organisms (NIH, 2016). Because of this unique ability, stem cells can replicate more than a dozen aspects of the human …show more content…

If a 24 year old male were to choose one or the other, then adult stem cells would be better because they have already grown along with the 24 year old so it makes it the perfect match. The way that stem cells work, which includes both embryonic and non-embryonic, is interesting in a lot of assets. Like all cells, stem cells need to perform cell division in order for them to probably function and do their jobs, so they need to go through things such as telekinesis mitosis and even meiosis. Embryonic stem cells start off in the blastocyst, or cell embryo that contains approximately 150 cells (MCS, 2013) MCS: Mayo Clinic Staff. After this occurs, the embryonic stems cells will then assemble healthy cells in order to block out or even discontinue old sick ones (MCS, 2013). Adult stem cells are a tad different then embryonic stem cells are as far as there development goes. In the adult stems cell’s development process, Rather than starting out as an egg or fetus, it is already found in your body in places like tissue, bone marrow etcetera, which means that you don’t have to create it like the embryonic stem, however, because of this they don’t have as much ability to differentiate (NIH, 2016). Embryonic stem cells are used, and researched to a much larger extent then adult stem cells due to the fact that adult stem cells are

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