The Renaissance : Florence, The Birth Of The Renaissance

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Starting the fourteenth century, until the seventh century a period of new ideas spread in Europe, this period is known as the Renaissance, the word itself means rebirth, or reawakening. This word is perfect for describing this period as it was the rebirth of art, and culture in Europe, from the dark ages. This period brought many new changes in the world of art and sciences. Painter such as Leonardo de Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello, and so many more came out during this period of time. While art is normally seen during the Renaissance, there were many scientific breakthroughs during the time that can be seen in the arts during the Renaissance.
The Renaissance started in the city of Florence, The reason for Florence being the birth of the Renaissance, was because the region of Florence experiencing major changes in social and economic development. With these changes brought new minds that sparked an interest in the Roman past. Along with being a major trading city, with many guilds ready to display their wealth. Making Florence the perfect city to start the beginning of a new era, an age of new ideas, and a sense of humanism, the Renaissance.
New interest in Roman art, brought in new ideas of technology and science. Some of these new discovery in the sciences can be seen within varies works of art. With most artist incorporating new ideas of science within their works, without realizing the effect that it had within the world. These innovations of science can

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