The Representation Of The Media

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The Mass media is the communication of spoken, written, or broadcast information or idea to a large audience. This could be through various medium such as newspapers, magazines, television, Internet, radio, movies, video games and others. This essay will analyse the representation of crime in newspapers and television. Newspapers are a very important type of media that keep the public informed about happening in the society and around the world. The newspapers tend to give a negative or an exaggerated or an inappropriate account of events especially when the report is related to a criminal activity. This representation of events may be hugely misleading and give the wrong ideas to the audience which may lead to an inappropriate response by society.
Stanley Cohen a South African research sociologist studied the clash between the mods and rockers subcultures in 1964. Cohen states that the pictures painted by the newspapers portraying violent behaviour of these youths were a distorted representation of the event since he was there at the time and saw little evidence of the violence they reported. The representation of the event by the newspapers led to public fear and a negative societal response from the people, government, and the police towards the youths of these subcultures.
The newspapers made these subcultures more popular leading to the involvement of more young people in these subcultures, as they felt they had to identify with one
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